After Life - Giraffey Josh


After life if any of you are a fan of Rickey Gervais I would fully recommend After Life. A TV show about a man whose wife dies and he decides that life is not worth living and goes on to be a complete ass hole but as the story goes on he meets certain people who change his ways. It’s such a good story about love, life & Friendship with a brilliant comedy twist. It has a massive Derek vibe which was one of my all-time favourite TV shows. I watched the whole series in one day it was fantastic.

Then I went out to the newish centre in Bournemouth the BH12 complex and had some. Food at this burger place called the handmade burger Co and it was an excellent place. The burger was massive and tasted amazing. I then went to the pub with a few old friends. Had a brilliant weekend I hope you all also had a brilliant weekend comment Down Below and let me know what you did?

Tonight on my YouTube channel me and my twin brother Ethan will be trying the new pineapple trend to see if the theory actually works. We are going to try and debunk it if it doesn’t. Make sure you all check that out and subscribe to my channel;

GJ 🦒