Anthem Day - Giraffey Josh


My first post! Today was the first weekend since leaving my rubbish part time job so I finally had a weekend free! The weekend of Anthem being released. I’m going,, to be honest, I grabbed my brother Ethan and friend Rob and we played anthem solid all day however I had a break to eat some pasta…

Anthem is a really good game for once with all these game being released lately and pretty much all of them being garbage it was refreshing. You control a mech called a javelin and go and fly around a giant open world, fighting bad guys with your friends. It has really satisfying gameplay however there is not a lot to do and everything gets repetitive very quickly. Which is a shame but we have been enjoying the story mode and Leveling up our character this also brings me to another complaint

Nothing really changes on your character when you level up all Leveling. Up doe sis Unlocking the other javelin that you didn’t pick at the start and unfortunately there’s no skills or skill tree that can be levelled up, however, there is gear part you find that very slightly change your powers. But I don’t feel that this is at all enough for a triple-A game

I’m afraid to finish the game cause I’m really enjoying it and have read that the end game is garbage. So it might put me off!

I’d give the game a 6/10 visually pleasing and satisfying gameplay but ruined with a mission all being exactly the same.

I made a couple of YouTube videos today… One I managed to make without putting any sound on it and it got 100 views before I noticed… Sorry guys ahaha forgive me.

I then watch the first episode of the battle on the Voice UK and that was incredible! Some of the singers are unreal.

But anyway I’m going to bed to enjoy a lay in as I have not had a day off for the past 2 weeks. Stay safe everyone speaks to you all soo.

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