Anthem V2 - Giraffey Josh


Had my second weekend of working! And decided to go back and play anthem with my brother and friend. I think I have it way to much credit then it deserves in my last blog post about the game. I just couldn’t play the game I found it so boring. I tried to okay a mission with my friend but just quit the game halfway through as I was so bored. It’s just an endless grind and you don’t really get anywhere or feel satisfied for playing. So I wait and will probably never okay that game again in my life… Its a big graphically advanced turd 2/10. I never made and YouTube videos on the game because i just found it so boring to play

Sunday we had a smash bro tournament, now that’s what you call a good game. The endless hours I have put into smash bros is insane. Such a satisfying game and so much fun to play locally. I played it online a while ago and made some videos but I never got around to editing them. They still are sitting on my laptop ready to be edited. Comment Down Below if you want to see them!

This weekend a group of friends and I booked insomnia 64 which I will be going to! I look forward to meeting all you guys if anyone is there who recognise me… Let’s be honest chances of that are slim. But feel free to come and chat with me. I’ll be doing a video all about it and I shall be vlogging the whole thing also! We are going both days Saturday and Sunday.

GJ 🦒