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Captain Marvel

I went and saw captain marvel last Friday and was very disappointed in the film. The problem with the film was Brie Larson and that’s not for all the same reason as most people, most people complain about her being feminist and all this. But personally, I thought her acting skills were absolutely dreadful you could get more emotion out of a plank of wood than her face. The first half of the film was very long and boring but when the film picked up it was pretty good.

The fight scene was about dumb compared to normal marvel scenes and to be honest you don’t really even need to see this film it doesn’t really give you an understanding of anything you could just Google captain marvel and read about her back story in like 4 mins rather than wasting 2hrs watching it at the cinema

The 2 reasons I liked this film;
Samuel Jackson, he was absolutely fantastic as nick fury and I did really enjoy learning about his back story and you find it what happened to his eye also! As always Samuel Jackson did a good job acting and carrying brie throughout the film

Then GOOSE, goose the cat was so funny in the film and absolutely adorable. Goose alone is the reason I would recommend the film.

If your a fan of marvel definitely go and watch but if your not that fussed give it a miss and just watch end game!

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GJ 🦒