Disney Heroes Battle Mode - Update 1.8 - Giraffey Josh


Update 1.8 has refreshed my love for this game and I’m finally enjoying it again I found my self on it for about 30mins this morning, glued to the game. The update has really made the game better and more playable and the SNOW HAS FINALLY GONE.

Invasion Mode is my new addiction, the changes made it a lot less time consuming and allows you to keep healing and keep playing the mode without leaving the game, of course, there is a cap on the energy but they have maxed the energy regain cap. And the rewards are actually worth whole now! Fully recommend investing some time on this mode.

The auto craft feature is incredible saves you going down the massive road of crafting each tiny bit of each badge, allows you to do it in one press makes it easier to level characters and find out who you need. I’m currently planning on doing a massive 7,000 diamond VIP crate opening Spree. So stay tuned for that on my channel.

All of the characters will be reviewed once I have unlocked them! Let me know who your favourite characters are comment Down below!