Division 2 - Giraffey Josh


YESSSSS my website is finally live to make sure to go through all my blog posts as I have been writing them for a while now. I tend to update my blog Monday – Friday about random things.

Yes, the website is in beta there’s some bugs with the adverts and mobile site. Working in getting them fixed but so busy at the moment it’s a bit of a struggle! Sorry guys. Make sure you all to submit your fan art as I will be running competitions and reactions videos based on your creations guys!

I completed division 2 guys and it was incredible. I was actually sad to finish the game as I really enjoyed the main mission. But the games don’t stop I have all the side mission to complete then to go back and play the game on hard mode for an achievement. I might also run around and get all the collectables! As far as end game content goes I’m not really sure what I think at the moment. We still have loads of side mission & objectives to do around the map. But I’m worried about what happens after you have done that! Yes, I guess I could grind the dark zone but it feels a little pointless after finishing the story.

They are adding a free PvE game mode in the next update. And after you have completed all the string holds you are able to get specialist upgrades. You also need to be level 30. When you hit level 30 you can upgrade your character with loads of skill and bonus as I have saved up skill points from the start ready.

What do you guys think of the division? Comment down below