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Fighting with my family

I finally went to see fighting for my family the movie based on Paiges life and it was really good. The film was created by Dwayne Johnson. I reviewed this film on my YouTube channel.

The acting to start off with was a bit cringe and bad and we all kinda looked at each other like ohhh noo we made a mistake coming to see this. But after the first like 20mins, the film really picked up. The whole story and message of the film were decent about the women revolution and that you should you, it doesn’t matter what people think it says. It was about paiges journey to being in WWE and becoming the divas champion, which she did in her first fight against AJ Lee.

For anyone who watches WWE will know that that was one of the best divas storylines ever and I actually made me somewhat excited to see the divas fight. Paige basically started the women’s revolution and now there’s so much more divas fights and I’m going to be honest 90% of the time there so much more enjoyable and exciting than watching the male superstars.

A new challenger approaches Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is a mobile game that came out the other day in early access and it put Disney Heroes Battle Mode in the dirt. You will find out more about this on my channel!

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