Fortnite - Giraffey Josh



Use creator code GIRAFFEYJOSH on Fortnite

Epic games deemed me celebrity enough to give me a creator code. A “support-a-creator code” give fans the ability to raise money for there favourite creators by spending V-Bucks in the item store. Personally, I think this is on it the greatest thing to happen to gaming in a long time. I agree that fortnite isn’t the word best game like everyone thinks but compared to most companies they handle social media extremely well. The game was popular enough before they added the support of a creator so it wasn’t done for attention or an attempt to get more players. It was epic actually allow users with a very small following to make money. Now I’ll always be honest with my earnings of youtube for anyone who watches me knows this. I haven’t earned a single penny from creating content I have a video about this in my channel so I’m hoping with enough support from you guys using my code I can gather some funds for more giveaway and exciting content.

In conclusion epic Support a creator is a brilliant idea and I wish more games companies would follow in epic game’s footsteps. Support the users that play there games. I’m hoping and legends add some sort of similar feature