Generation Zero/10 - Giraffey Josh


Dissatisfied, disappointed & ripped off is how I would sum up generation zero. Generation Zero is a brand new game for console and PC that’s came out yesterday. It is a giant open world robot survival game but it been pulled off terribly. Now I can’t understand how a game made by a triple-A company (the creators of just cause & mad max) avalanche studios were able to produce such a pile of turd. Do they just have a decent team and a decent amount of funding?

So I filmed 3 parts with Ethan and my friend to put onto my channel. But I don’t know if I should it was so boring. The open world is full of absolutely nothing and I mean nothing you run for about 10 mins between missions but because there isn’t anything to do while running its feel like 40mins. You finally come up to some buildings and think yesss thanks, God, here we go and those building can’t be opened or entered which makes no sense in an open-world survival game where the only way to survive is supposedly scavenging. But I think the worse thing about this game is the trailer it makes the game look absolutely amazing when you get it and feel scammed. I would love a refund for this game Microsoft!

So to sum up this game feels like someone made it in a day with absolutely no experience in game making and just brought loads of pre-made asset packs from the unity/unreal store and throw it all together to form the mess that is now know as generation zero. ZERO/10

Anyway website has been updated to the new version. Fixed the fan art gallery so please spam away. And removed all adverts so enjoy a stress-free viewing experience.

GJ 🦒