How To Eat A Pineapple - Giraffey Josh

So Ethan & I finally got around to trying this new viral trend. The ones about eating pineapples the correct way. You are meant to cut the tip off the pineapple and pick at each little Berry, this allows you to be able to each it without any cutting. However, in the video ( you see that this has been staged and faked on the original tik Tok video as it does not work in the slightest.

What I think happened was the guy who made the video had already previously cut around each little bit to make a really click bait video. We also started up the first episode of our cooking series.

If you guys have anything you want us to make a video on let me know in the comments down below!

I then went on to watch walking dead before editing the video. And I don’t know if you guys know but editing videos are extremely long but I love creating content for all of you!

The walking dead has started the finally get better and pick up the pace. They are finally utilising Darryl and making him actually do stuff in the season. But the episode ended with something so stupid…

GJ 🦒