Lego Games - Giraffey Josh


Today my brother and I completed the lego movie the video game 2. And by completed we smashed it in a couple of days it was an absolutely fantastic game, one of the best Lego games yet. The open world element to the game was fantastic, brilliant range of side missions and fun little secrets and collectables and the game only crashed twice… Now for a Lego game that is brilliant. This rekindled my love for lego games. After 100% lego movie 2 we went back onto lego the Incredibles and 100% the open world, now we are going back through the story mode and doing free play. Then we plan on going through every Lego game we missed to 100% them!!!

Tonight I’m going to be playing black desert online for the first time on console with Ethan, I’m excited as I really liked the game on PC but no one I knew had it on pc so this will allow me to have a proper go at it, I’ve always lived MMOs and I’ve been told this is the best one yet. Crazy graphics & smooth flowing combat which you have full control over. I will give you my review in tomorrows blog post.

Now I’m off to research every lego game I’ve missed or never played as I want to 100% them all. Have a brilliant day guys, let me know what you’re up to in the comment section below.

GJ 🦒