My Dream PC - Giraffey Josh


New PC

I spent the whole evening yesterday tidying my room ready for my new ultra computer!. I have been without a pc for like 5 month now which has made it extremely difficult to edit videos! So I’ll be able to jump right back into making more content for you guys.

I will make a video on my computer and go over all the parts and where I got then etc on my channel. While I was tidying my room I found 7 phones! I don’t know if any of you remember the LG cookie but I found that last night and it was glorious that phone used to be the best and coolest phone to have while at school and it kinda paved the way for the touch screen.

With my PC I’m going to be able to play all sorts of games and make all sorts of silly videos so I’m very excited to grow my channel and become the best at what I do!

Comment Down Below any suggestions for videos or games you want me to play!

As always have a fantastic day guys and I’ll see you all soon

GJ 🦒