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I have to say that Netmarble has definitely done it again with this incredible game. I have been playing this game on my PC using Bluestacks for a couple of days now and it has been an amazing experience. If you want to download this game on your pc please click this link —->

Why do I use Bluestacks you ask;

1 – I have been using Bluestacks for a couple of years now for Youtube and just for playing games it offers such wide range of tool and features I almost feel naked when I move onto my phone to play the mobile games

2 – Being able to play games with keyboard and mouse, or gamepad really can give you the competitive edge

3 – The high-end graphics

4 – Being able to set your own keybindings

5 – Being able to fake your location

6 – Bluestacks is free to use, and they claim that BlueStacks benchmarks 6-8x faster than every major mobile phone according to the Antutu benchmark. If you want to be able to access a huge number of games on Android, but on your PC, then BlueStacks is the way to go.

Find out about more awesome features here –

The Review

As the 3rd season of the Seven Deadly Sins anime is currently underway, fans of the anime have even more Seven Deadly Sins content to look forward to. This is a mobile game for both iOS & Android But you can get it on your PC using Bluestacks.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a turned-based RPG where players create a team of anime characters and battle enemies in a unique card-based battle system. (I have not played a game before that has the same combat style as this one.) Set in the manga’s setting of Britannia, the game features 3D characters with over 100 beautifully crafted cutscenes, and voice-over work by the original Japanese voice actors from the anime which really brings more life to the game. 

Quests will have you explore up to 30 fully rendered 3D worlds, I have to say they look amazing and it feels amazing to be able to walk around and interact in these worlds.

working in the Boar Hat Tavern to interact with the characters you have collected (The summing works the same was as Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle, With crazy animation and interactive elements). Create a Knighthood and join up with a friend and play in COOP & fight the game’s raid bosses and if you do not like working with other people…. TAKE them on in head to head combat.

Some of the confirmed game modes include Death Match, a 2-player real-time coop mode, and Arena, the game’s PVP mode where you can battle players from around the world. I have not tried all of these yet but I can not wait.


One of my stand out favorite features in this game is how wide you can customize characters. The Seven Deadly Sins anime characters will be available as “heroes”. You can dress your character up in outfits, new dresses and give them a kind of a makeover and the graphics look so awesome on them. The devs have also included different hairstyles and accessories that can be interchanged or turned on and off for even further character customization. They’ve also given a new look to the characters making them all 3D. This is where this game really stands out above all other RPG mobile games.


“Characters rendered in AR, and various other easter eggs await you!” If you have not tried this yet you should it is a really fun “Easter egg” and you can get some amazing photos. I have a feeling we will be uncovering many more fun easter eggs in this game as it goes along and I cannot wait to see what crossover events they will do also. Comment down below your predictions

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