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Shazam The Movie

I went and watched shazam yesterday with very low expectations as I do with most DC films! But being honest wonder women was pretty decent when I saw that last year. But justice league is what killed my faith in DC films I wanted to enjoy it but it was just too stupid and cheesy!

Shazam was pretty decent and enjoyable throughout the whole movie. a very easy film to fill regardless of your DC knowledge. I knew nothing about Shazam or his life when I watched the film. The films don’t dwell on the back story like lots of superhero films tend to do there a really quick scene with some magic explaining how & who Shazam is.

The story follows shazam learning how to use his powers to fight evil and try to help people bur as he is just an 11-year-old boy he does childish things some of it is pretty funny while the rest of it is just outright cringe. But all the acting was pretty decent and the film flowed nicely. There was a decent twist at the end that I look. Forward to you guys seeing! Are you going to see shazam comment down below and let me know? I would recommend it.

Quick Disney heroes battle mode Update. I have started mad hatters friendship mission with Alice so there will be lots of videos coming to my channel about that

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