Starwars attack of the clones - Giraffey Josh


It’s Wednesday which means starts wars night. We plan on watching everything star wars related in order then finishing it off with the clones wars and rebels.

Episodes 2… What were they thinking? The acting in the film probably is the worse I have ever seen. It’s all so cringey and Just bit right, but as its a Starwars movie you just kinda let it go!! I do however really enjoy attacks of the clones. The insane battle scene when they are in the collision is brilliant and the final fight against count Doku is iconic also but very stupid. I’m excited to watch all the clone wars again as I absolutely loved that animation.

The new update for Disney heroes is out also, update 1.8 and it is incredible finally some good changes to the game from perblue. They have made a few things easier and less time consuming and made the rewards for doing Invasion actually worthwhile! So make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for all things Disney and gaming!

GJ 🦒