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Starwars episode 3 revenge of the Sith

This star wars film is one of my favourites of the old trilogy. Yes, the acting is terrible but this film is the original creation of so many memes. This is the film where Anakin turns to the dark side and faces of against obi one. The battle scene was insane on my new TV with the reactive lights. The only problem I have with this film is how quickly Anakin changes to the dark side one second his 100% with obi and a here having their bro love and all of that then suddenly he is just attack and murdering little children cause some old man told him too.

I understand he has never been in control of his feelings and always has the dark side in him but all of a sudden murdering children seems mental. But the fight scene with Yoda in is absolutely fire. Just from the start when he walks through the door killing both the guards with the force then showing his crazy lightsaber skills

I fully recommend getting the special remastered collection and enjoying the films really badly but goodly remade

What’s your favourite star wars film; comment down below

GJ 🦒