Starwars - Giraffey Josh



So I got a brand new 65inch Phillips 4K Ambi Light TV. Apart from it being a mouthful to say its the best TV I have ever had, the picture quality is perfect and what makes it even more immerse is the ambient lights.

Ambi lights are a specialist type I’d backlights that sit on your TV and project light out the back using LEDs but what makes it special is that it links to what’s in the display of your TV screen. So for example, while watching Starwars Yoda activates his light sabre and where the green meets the each of the screens those lights will go green to “extend the image” every single light reacts to different colours!

Ethan, Jacob, Nathan & I all decided to start watching star wars from the start in chronological order. These will be the remastered ones as they are just so entertaining and funny some of the changes are so bizarre. We were able to enjoy jar jar binks on the new TV We plan on watching one every Wednesday after work.

Starwars 1 is just such a cheese fest… The acting is pretty rancid and doesn’t get me started on child Anakin. But as all star wars films, it’s made incredibly well and I can’t wait to watch all the other films in chronological order.

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