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Division 2

Before I start talking about division 2 I have to say I was a giant fan of the first one absolutely loved it. Finished it and nearly maxed my character!

Division 2 is one of the best games I have played in ages. It has actually delivered what it promised (basically the same as the first one but enhanced) and I have enjoyed every second if playing it, over the weekend I put in 20 hours and only got 75% through the story, for games these days that pretty decent length. Story Mode is a very tiny amount of the overall things there are to do in the division. There’s plenty of side missions and collectables and little quest and daily contracts to do to keep you busy and get all the loot you require

Now mentioning the loot. This game has managed to do what most can’t and find a perfect balance between progression and satisfaction on loot drops. The game gives you drops at the end of missions it when you kill enemies. These are not always better but a good per cent are just by enough to make you think YES YES new items. And because each drop is random it keeps yours in your toes having to use different weapons and adapt to different okay styles. I’ll update you all once again after I have completed the game.

The one bad thing is the dark zone in this game. To me, it did not feel anywhere near as fun as division 1 the balancing seemed broken as everyone was just killing me in one shot no matter what and the map did not seem as good. But I only played dark zone for an hour so will update you when I have tried it more

Have any of you played division? Let me know to leave a comment down below!

GJ 🦒