The real husband of Hollywood - Giraffey Josh


I have finally got to watch this series again with my brother. We watched it years ago when it first came out and have always wanted to watch it together. We must have watched 8 episodes straight and nearly died of laughter in all of them. Kevin Hart is a genius!!!

It follows the life of Kevin becoming popular and his small group of friends. The episode we just watched had him go against a world famous boxer., Each episode is just as random and funny as the last I fully recommend you all go watch!

Before watching real husbands we decided to give black desert a go and it is one of the best and funniest MMOs I have ever played I was the witch and Ethan was the berserker. Which ended up being an amazing combo. We played it for a few hours and it definitely is a game is going to keep going back and playing! It’s a very refreshing take on MMOs. But the next game I have to play is lego incredible and I plan on 100% that before playing any other game now! I have played a lot of MMOs in my time and this one definitely has the better combat system it’s a new style very refreshing and puts you in the game more. It’s kinda like dynasty warriors the combat.

What’s games are you all playing at the moment let me know and comment down below!

Soon I’ll be releasing my Lego Movie 2 twins Play, I hope you’re all excited! Really enjoyed that game

GJ 🦒