TV Marathon With Geo & Ethan - Giraffey Josh

Finally had a break from anthem to catch up on all my TV shows that George, Ethan and I watch together every week. Comment down below any suggestions on TV I should watch?

We started with The Gifted which is one of my all time favourite shows. It’s about mutants after the X-Men disappeared mysteriously.

Then went in to watch Gotham which again is probably one of my favourites, it’s incredible. When this show first came out I watch like 3 seasons in a week… I have never been so addict to a TV show then Gotham. And compared to DC television it is by far the best. Flash & arrow are so cringe lately. However, Doom patrol and Titans have blow my expectations out the water I was expecting them to be as dead and cringey as flash and arrow but they were absolutely fantastic in every way. So I fully recommend Titans & Doom patrol

As I said before Doom patrol is so over the top and made incredibly well. This is one I look forward to every week and they introduced cyborg (but films and TV never seem to get cyborg correct).

As I said before got any TV shows you recommended comment down below!

And to whoever is reading this have an incredible day!