Umbrella Academy - Giraffey Josh


Back at work as its a Monday today. For all of you who are asking what my job is on youtube! I work at a sign creation company called elite signs where I’m one of the 2 graphic designers. This is The first proper job I have ever had as working at weatherspoons & B&Q don’t really count… I have never seen anywhere run as badly as those 2 places. But that’s a story for another day

Was a busy day had loads of work on. But I finally managed to finish watching umbrella academy with my brother. What a series that is my god it’s insane for any who loves TV shows its a must brilliant story and it was so well made. Umbrella Academy is about 7 children who were brought up by a mysterious man and the children had powers but 1. I would Fully recommend it

Then Ethan and I watched the next instalment of hatchet….. This was possibly one of the worse films I have ever seen, the acting was pure trash and all the effect were so low budget it brought shame to the series. The only good bit was the after credit scene which seemed to tease the main character from the first 3 (when the film was actually half decent)

Hope your all having a brilliant day. Catch you in the next one

GJ 🦒