VR Night - Giraffey Josh


I finally got to play VR and it’s was glorious. Straight of the bat, i would say the only bad thing about VR is the setup, you need to have a room Big enough and put the two base station either side. I was able to Tuck one Behind my TV and the other in the doorway to my living room and it seemed to work pretty perfectly even though they suggest wall mounting them and pointing them down towards you it worked perfectly just being in a stand!

Then you need to fight your way through plugging them all in and wiring everything up into your PC. I tested it on my laptop first just to make sure the vive worked. But I will be using my ultra PC for the vive as it is nicely vented and can run everything in 4K highest quality without even a slight tickle. The vice headset is brilliant also I don’t really see why you would need to buy the new one? Its an extra like thousand pound just for wireless and slightly better screen madness… The normal one is ideal and I have the newer version of it so everything looks, feels and runs a lot nicer.

So after plugging the VR into the special motherboard USB slot in my PC, it ran perfectly. I’m going to be doing some videos in the future on it so subscribe to my channel! It really is breathtaking being in VR. Do any of you have VR comment down below!

GJ 🦒