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My PC has finally been fully built and back to the way my old one was. As a lot of you will know buying and building a pc is one of the most satisfying things, construction of all the parts slotting into the motherboard to the scary moment where you press the in button… I will be making a video covering my new set up eventually just have a few small things I need to sort out and tidy up!

After work today I’m going to be setting up my vive for the first time and I can not wait! Videos will be coming of me playing the video hope I can meet up with some of you guys in virtual reality! But first, need to finish the set up if the recording software in my PC and get a few test runs done! Probably going to sort that out Tuesday! So better quality content will be coming across my channel!

I have used a VR a couple of times in my life and have to say how amazing they are. The whole experience is incredible and you actually do generally think the games are real I have used the vive and the rift both have their advantages but the vive is definitely better in my opinion!

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GJ 🦒