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Walker Stalker

This weekend was the weekend of the walking dead walker stalker event which basically is a small comic con dedicated to walking dead content and celebrities however there now is also an actor from other shows like games of thrones and American horror stories!

I have been going to this for the past 3 years the first 2 I went with my mum and bother as we all watch walking dead together. However this year I went with Jacob, Nathan & my brother. (Check out the 3 Part VLOG I made) it was an amazing day buy walker stalker kinda fell flat compared to all the previous years we have been.

The range of celebrities was garbage all the big names dropped out and the one character I was most excited to see who was going was Shane however he couldn’t make it due to his flight being canceled then the next flight was fully booked, unfortunately. I don’t know if this was just an excuse or not but it was so annoying. The actual day was brilliant and the shopping at walker stalker was also excellent loads of comic-related content and homemade collectibles and figures. I ended up buying a Chris pratt pillow and some collectible star-lord collectibles and the last star-lord pop I needed!

I also got my first uber on Saturday and it is so easy and so cheap compared to taxis no wonder taxi drivers get annoyed! Took on there from the train station and took one back to center London where we went to forbidden planet megastore. The stuff they sell in there is incredible I had to look away at most stuff so I wouldn’t buy everything… Did any of you go to walker stalker? Comment down below let me know what you did at the weekend.

GJ 🦒